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Six Generations of Foster Farms


Our family arrived in the beautiful high desert of Northwestern New Mexico and established a trading post and farm along the fertile San Juan River.


Like many other farms in the four corners, throughout the 20th Century our farm cultivated hay and alfalfa while raising sheep and cattle. 



Ed H. Foster served on the New Mexico state legislature and dedicated his life to advocating for water resources and ditch infrastructure to help the local farm-based economy. 


Ed traveled to Washington, DC to testify before congress in favor of the proposed Colorado River Storage Project, a federal program that constructed Navajo Dam. Today the dam is instrumental in facilitating sustainable and reliable farming along the San Juan.


navajo dam_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The next generation of our family continued to serve on ditch boards to advocate for the responsible use of water, while San Juan County increasingly turned away from agriculture and into an oil-based economy.



Recognizing the opportunity to develop a new industry in our community and further pursue our love of agriculture, the first post-prohibition cannabis seeds have been planted along the San Juan River. We are excited to extend our family tradition of agriculture and water stewardship into the cannabis industry. 


Witnessing the rapid decline of the oil and gas industry in San Juan County, and the economic hardship left in its wake, our family was one among many to realize that our community was in desperate need of more sustainable and stable industries.



Our farm will produce over 3000 pounds of sun-grown cannabis and create a dozen jobs in San Juan County in its first year. To learn more about what we're doing to make this possible, 


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